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Give The Gift Of A Car Seat This Holiday Season

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If you have ever been a new parent then you can remember just how taxing it can be to get all of the new baby gear that you thought that you needed. If you have a family or a friend that is about to experience themselves, then you know how much of a help it can be to chip in.

With the holidays just around the corner what could be a better gift than that of a convertible car seat? Child seats are one of the most important purchases for parents and they are also one of the more costly. This is a perfect gift idea that is sure to be well appreciated.

Fortunately, there are a number of top notch seats to choose from. No matter what you can afford there is sure to be something that will be dependable and durable for those new parents to enjoy. We put together a small list to help get you started in the right direction.


Britax is one of the more reputable brands when it comes to child safety seats. They are in the mid-range price point and can range between $180 and $350 depending on the model that you choose. Their line includes the Advocate, Marathon, Boulevard, and more and they all get very high marks from parents.

The Britax Marathon is probably their most popular convertible car seat as it offers a ton of value and safety features for the money. While their “ClickTight” version did face a recall recently, they handled it well and provide a straight forward fix for the issue. Their older G4 version of the Marathon continues to provide kids with a safe and comfortable experience in the backseat.


This is another fabulous brand that makes some of the better affordable car seats. The durability of Graco seats is something that really stands out for parents as they praise it for how well they stand up over time. They are rigorously tested to meet current safety regulations so you know that you are getting something that is going to protect your child.

They also come in a variety of interesting patterns and designs to give you something a little less bland to stare at every day. Graco convertible child seats are probably the best overall value options on the market today. You cannot go wrong giving these to your loved ones on Christmas.


This is a higher end make of convertible car seat that is built like a tank. They have two popular models, the Nextfit and the Nextfit Zip, that get rave reviews. They are going to cost you a little more but their protection and ease of use may be worth the extra money. One feature that we really like about the NextFit zip is that the seat pad can be removed and thrown in the washing machine to take care of those spills that children seem to enjoy making in the back seat.

These are also extremely simple seats to install. For families that wish to move the seat between multiple cars this is an extremely important feature to have. They are a little bulky but that is a by-product of how well they are built. For the ultimate peace of mind, getting a Chicco safety seat is the way to go.


This is the best budget car seat maker out there. If your budget is tight, and you are worried that you will have to sacrifice safety to get something that you can afford then you should look into getting an Evenflo product. Like all reputable manufactures on our list, their seats meet all of the safety standards required for the roads today.

Their line of car seats include the Symphony which is perhaps their most popular. They have different designs that will really stand out in any vehicle. If you are worried that you are getting something cheap because you are not spending as much, then getting one of these seats should help ease some of that angst. They get decent reviews from parents and are an ideal option for parents and family who want quality but cannot afford to overspend.

Plenty Of Options

These are just some of the highly ranked brands out there that can help keep your extended family safe and happy while out on the road. As long as you buy a well known brand from a store with a solid reputation, then you should be able to find something that fits all of your needs. Giving the gift of safety this holiday season will put smiles on faces and help relieve some of the financial burden of being a new parent. You really cannot go wrong with this under the tree.

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