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Bidding Farewell To Our Trusty Toaster Oven

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It comes with a heavy heart that I must report that it is time to retire my favorite toaster oven that I have ever owned. I cannot tell you how many wonderful, quick, and easy meals that I have made with my Cuisinart TOB-155 because I simply lost track. It was an old reliable friend that I leaned on many a night to make myself something simple and fast. From pizza, to bagels, to even the occasional full blown recipe. I am not a master chef by any stretch, but sometimes, very briefly, I felt like one using this countertop oven.

But alas, it is time to find something new as it finally just died on me. I have already been looking for a replacement and going over the latest toaster oven reviews and ratings I think we will step up our game this time and splurge a little. But before I move forward I thought I would look back and give it a quasi obituary for my old friend and list a few things that made this oven stand out for us.

Lovely Features

Large Capacity: The TOB-155 was built to accommodate those who like to cook for more than one person. Cook a whole chicken, casseroles and up to 6 slices of bread. Its small enough for the counter top, but big enough to replace a lot of the everyday uses of a full sized oven.

Exact Heat Technology: This feature uses a sensor inside the oven to deliver the right amount of heat exactly where it is needed. This helps ensure that food is cooked evenly and turns out just right.

Front Digital Touchpad Control: The controls on this oven are in the front so that it does not take up extra space on the side of the unit. The digital control pad is strategically laid out and the timer and settings are easy to read and use.

Modern Styling: With stainless steel and brushed chrome finishes, the TOB-155 was designed to accentuate any type of kitchen. While performance is always the most important aspect of any kitchen appliance, it doesn’tt hurt to also look good.

Accessories: The TOB-155 comes with crumb tray, broiling pan, baking pan and drip tray. It also comes with a nice manual as well as a recipe book.

What I Adored

Performance: The TOB-155 is capable of many different cooking tasks and it delivers on just about all of them. Owners typically love how well this unit performs. It heats up fast, and the Exact Heat feature of this toaster oven is a huge hit. Food comes out perfect. Customers consistently rate the overall performance of this toaster oven very high.

Versatility: This is one aspect of this toaster oven owners really rave about. It lets them do all kinds of cooking without the need to use their full sized range. From baking cookies to preparing an entire chicken, users are extremely satisfied with everything that the TOB-155 lets them do in the kitchen.

Toast: It does a wonderful job on toast. It has seven different browning settings and it cooks both side evenly. One gripe in this area is that it might not be the fastest in regards to doing toast.

Broiling: Owners really like this function and how fast and simple it operates. High marks from users for this feature.

Minor Missteps

Crumb Tray Location: Some owners wish that the crumb tray was accessible from the front rather than from the back. This is not the most convenient location.

No Interior Light: This would have been a nice touch and made it easier to keep an eye on what your cooking.

No Auto-Eject Rack: This also would have been a nice feature to have as some users wished that the rack would auto eject when the door was open.

Farewell Friend

This was not the absolute best option on the market when I first bought it. It did not have all of the bells and whistle, but it was super dependable and it made cooking somewhat fun for us. I never thought I would get as much use out of it as I did, but now I am left looking to find a replacement. Breville smart ovens look appealing, but I must say that the family is partial to the Cuisinart brand. This time we are going to get something with a convection feature as I found a few recipes I want to try. Cooking can get so emotional sometimes but it is always best to keep moving forward. Man, this all made me really hungry.


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Food Processing Power In Your Kitchen That You Will Appreciate

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Being more efficient is something that we all can appreciate, and this goes for our meals as well. I am always looking for ways to save time in the kitchen, and having the proper appliances at my disposable can go along way to reducing stress and hassle as you cook. Food processors or one such machine that can truly prove to be a blessing for you as you prepare your favorite recipes.

We will try to narrow down your choices by highlighting one particular food processor that we have bought and have enjoyed using over the years, the Cuisinart Prep 9 (DLC-2009CHB). Using one of these machines is a smart way to save a lot of time when preparing meals in your kitchen. Why slave over a cutting board for a few minutes when a food processor can get the job done in just a few seconds. If you are looking for ways to reduce your workload while cooking, then getting one of these for your counter is a wise move.

The Cuisinart Prep 9 Food Processor has received great reviews from various customers. It also comes from a trusted brand. Let’s get into the review and see what else we can find both positive and negative on this model.

Prep 9 Features


The 9-Cup BPA processor has a sizable bowl. Many customers have been impressed with the size bowl. Nevertheless, there are some who have considered it a disadvantage stating that the machine doesn’t hold a lot of liquid. However, it is important to note that it is not a blender and it was not designed for that given purpose. Cuisinart has given guidelines about the amount of liquid that one can safely use without experiencing any leakages; two cups of the thin liquid and six cups of the thick liquid. The bowl may take four cups of flour for making bread dough, four cups of nuts and eight cups of chopped veggies and fruits.

Size of Feed Tube

The DLC-2009 food processor has a wide mouth feed tub. The tube is able to take whole veggies and fruits, like potatoes. This greatly cuts down on the amount of pre-cuttings that you will have to do.

Knead Dough

The included blade will help you bake like a pro. You are able to make all types of dough in this food processor from bread and cookie dough to Indian flatbreads and pizza dough. If you are making the yeast based doughs, then you will have be careful and not pulse a lot since this could heat up the bowl thus killing the yeast.


With the processor’s smooth and clean touchpad controls, you will not have to even worry about your food getting trapped inside or between the control buttons. The Cuisinart Prep 9 Food Processor has 2 speeds in addition to the off button.

  • Pulse – The machine has a pulse button that lets you chop foods to the size that you want. It also gives you more control on the consistency of your final product.
  • On – You will use the on button whenever you want to process continuously. For example, you can use when you are making nut butters, making herb butter or chopping hard foods.


Inside the stainless steel finish housing base, there is a powerful 600 watts induction motor that has been engineered to tackle all the tough processing tasks. The induction technology also makes the food processor to be fairly quiet, virtually maintenance free and reliable.


The standard discs which come with the this food processor are:

  • Stainless steel serrated slicing disc – You can choose to use the larger feed tube alongside the slicing disc so as to quickly get even slices of the potatoes for an escalloped potatoes recipe.
  • Stainless steel shredding discs – This is a great tool for shredding the cabbage for coleslaw, potatoes or even carrots for the homemade hash browns
  • Chopping or mixing blade – This is simply the workhorse of these blades and they probably get used the most. It is capable of chopping cooked or raw meat and veggies, make sauces and nut butters as well as puree foods.

Extra Attachments

The machine usually comes with the Cuisinart BDH-2 Disc and Blade Holder – Since these discs and blades are razor sharp, you are advised to purchase the disc and blade holder so as to store them whenever they are not in use. The holder also has slots for 3 cutting discs, the dough, chopping blades as well as the disc stem. It’s a compact, convenient and safe way of keeping all the discs and blades clean and organized.


  • The machine is very easy to clean
  • The Cuisinart Prep 9 Food Processor has dishwasher-safe parts
  • It has a wide-mouth feed tube
  • It is also quiet thus you won’t hear any noises when using it
  • The Cuisinart Prep 9 has razor sharp blades
  • It also has power cord stores within the base
  • The machine features a compact space saving design
  • It is powerful enough to knead dough and make nut butters


  • The machine shows unevenness in chopping of some things
  • It has a tricky locking mechanism
  • Foods get trapped in between the blades and lid

Cuisinart Appliances

The Prep 9 is just one of the many fantastic food processors made by Cuisinart. Maybe you need something larger and more powerful or perhaps you need something more budget-friendly. Whatever your cooking needs, Cuisinart makes a model that will more than likely be the perfect fit. Spend less time preparing your meal and more time enjoying them with your friends and family.

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