Bidding Farewell To Our Trusty Toaster Oven

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It comes with a heavy heart that I must report that it is time to retire my favorite toaster oven that I have ever owned. I cannot tell you how many wonderful, quick, and easy meals that I have made with my Cuisinart TOB-155 because I simply lost track. It was an old reliable friend that I leaned on many a night to make myself something simple and fast. From pizza, to bagels, to even the occasional full blown recipe. I am not a master chef by any stretch, but sometimes, very briefly, I felt like one using this countertop oven.

But alas, it is time to find something new as it finally just died on me. I have already been looking for a replacement and going over the latest toaster oven reviews and ratings I think we will step up our game this time and splurge a little. But before I move forward I thought I would look back and give it a quasi obituary for my old friend and list a few things that made this oven stand out for us.

Lovely Features

Large Capacity: The TOB-155 was built to accommodate those who like to cook for more than one person. Cook a whole chicken, casseroles and up to 6 slices of bread. Its small enough for the counter top, but big enough to replace a lot of the everyday uses of a full sized oven.

Exact Heat Technology: This feature uses a sensor inside the oven to deliver the right amount of heat exactly where it is needed. This helps ensure that food is cooked evenly and turns out just right.

Front Digital Touchpad Control: The controls on this oven are in the front so that it does not take up extra space on the side of the unit. The digital control pad is strategically laid out and the timer and settings are easy to read and use.

Modern Styling: With stainless steel and brushed chrome finishes, the TOB-155 was designed to accentuate any type of kitchen. While performance is always the most important aspect of any kitchen appliance, it doesn’tt hurt to also look good.

Accessories: The TOB-155 comes with crumb tray, broiling pan, baking pan and drip tray. It also comes with a nice manual as well as a recipe book.

What I Adored

Performance: The TOB-155 is capable of many different cooking tasks and it delivers on just about all of them. Owners typically love how well this unit performs. It heats up fast, and the Exact Heat feature of this toaster oven is a huge hit. Food comes out perfect. Customers consistently rate the overall performance of this toaster oven very high.

Versatility: This is one aspect of this toaster oven owners really rave about. It lets them do all kinds of cooking without the need to use their full sized range. From baking cookies to preparing an entire chicken, users are extremely satisfied with everything that the TOB-155 lets them do in the kitchen.

Toast: It does a wonderful job on toast. It has seven different browning settings and it cooks both side evenly. One gripe in this area is that it might not be the fastest in regards to doing toast.

Broiling: Owners really like this function and how fast and simple it operates. High marks from users for this feature.

Minor Missteps

Crumb Tray Location: Some owners wish that the crumb tray was accessible from the front rather than from the back. This is not the most convenient location.

No Interior Light: This would have been a nice touch and made it easier to keep an eye on what your cooking.

No Auto-Eject Rack: This also would have been a nice feature to have as some users wished that the rack would auto eject when the door was open.

Farewell Friend

This was not the absolute best option on the market when I first bought it. It did not have all of the bells and whistle, but it was super dependable and it made cooking somewhat fun for us. I never thought I would get as much use out of it as I did, but now I am left looking to find a replacement. Breville smart ovens look appealing, but I must say that the family is partial to the Cuisinart brand. This time we are going to get something with a convection feature as I found a few recipes I want to try. Cooking can get so emotional sometimes but it is always best to keep moving forward. Man, this all made me really hungry.


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Give The Gift Of A Car Seat This Holiday Season

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If you have ever been a new parent then you can remember just how taxing it can be to get all of the new baby gear that you thought that you needed. If you have a family or a friend that is about to experience themselves, then you know how much of a help it can be to chip in.

With the holidays just around the corner what could be a better gift than that of a convertible car seat? Child seats are one of the most important purchases for parents and they are also one of the more costly. This is a perfect gift idea that is sure to be well appreciated.

Fortunately, there are a number of top notch seats to choose from. No matter what you can afford there is sure to be something that will be dependable and durable for those new parents to enjoy. We put together a small list to help get you started in the right direction.


Britax is one of the more reputable brands when it comes to child safety seats. They are in the mid-range price point and can range between $180 and $350 depending on the model that you choose. Their line includes the Advocate, Marathon, Boulevard, and more and they all get very high marks from parents.

The Britax Marathon is probably their most popular convertible car seat as it offers a ton of value and safety features for the money. While their “ClickTight” version did face a recall recently, they handled it well and provide a straight forward fix for the issue. Their older G4 version of the Marathon continues to provide kids with a safe and comfortable experience in the backseat.


This is another fabulous brand that makes some of the better affordable car seats. The durability of Graco seats is something that really stands out for parents as they praise it for how well they stand up over time. They are rigorously tested to meet current safety regulations so you know that you are getting something that is going to protect your child.

They also come in a variety of interesting patterns and designs to give you something a little less bland to stare at every day. Graco convertible child seats are probably the best overall value options on the market today. You cannot go wrong giving these to your loved ones on Christmas.


This is a higher end make of convertible car seat that is built like a tank. They have two popular models, the Nextfit and the Nextfit Zip, that get rave reviews. They are going to cost you a little more but their protection and ease of use may be worth the extra money. One feature that we really like about the NextFit zip is that the seat pad can be removed and thrown in the washing machine to take care of those spills that children seem to enjoy making in the back seat.

These are also extremely simple seats to install. For families that wish to move the seat between multiple cars this is an extremely important feature to have. They are a little bulky but that is a by-product of how well they are built. For the ultimate peace of mind, getting a Chicco safety seat is the way to go.


This is the best budget car seat maker out there. If your budget is tight, and you are worried that you will have to sacrifice safety to get something that you can afford then you should look into getting an Evenflo product. Like all reputable manufactures on our list, their seats meet all of the safety standards required for the roads today.

Their line of car seats include the Symphony which is perhaps their most popular. They have different designs that will really stand out in any vehicle. If you are worried that you are getting something cheap because you are not spending as much, then getting one of these seats should help ease some of that angst. They get decent reviews from parents and are an ideal option for parents and family who want quality but cannot afford to overspend.

Plenty Of Options

These are just some of the highly ranked brands out there that can help keep your extended family safe and happy while out on the road. As long as you buy a well known brand from a store with a solid reputation, then you should be able to find something that fits all of your needs. Giving the gift of safety this holiday season will put smiles on faces and help relieve some of the financial burden of being a new parent. You really cannot go wrong with this under the tree.

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Undaunted Juicing Prowess From The Tribest Slowstar

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The new trend in nutrition over the past few years is to juice your vegetables and fruits. More people want to improve their diet but they just don’t have the time to cook healthy home made meals. The next best thing is to drink the foods that are good for you and this is where having quality juicer comes into play.

Stainless steel is the new norm for modern kitchen appliances, but if you want something that has a little flare and a nice pop of color then we may have find the perfect option for your kitchen. The Tribest Slowstar upright juicer is one of the newer masticating juice extractors to hit the health and fitness world and its design and features really help it stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what this blazing red powerhouse can do.

SlowStar Features

This machine has a lot going for it which is why it scores so well in recent juicer reviews and ratings from health conscious owners. From its modern and bold design to its juicing performance, the Slowstar delivers a great juicing experience.

  • It works by slowly crushing and pressing your vegetables and fruits into a nutritious juice packed with vitamins and minerals. It is a juicer that can help you maximize the juice yield from your produce and make sure that nothing goes to waste. The slow action also helps reduce the amount of oxygen that gets into the juice which helps prevent spoilage.
  • The double-edged auger performs twice the work than the single traditional auger making this juicer a little bit faster. You can make several recipes of juices and drinks like nut butter, sauces, sorbets and pastes with this machine.
  • The juicer has a mincing attachment that makes the Slowstar juicer multi-purpose. It has a grinding attachment that makes it the only upright masticating juicer capable of making nut butters.
  • The Slowstar comes in the vertical design, and this allows the juice to go through it at a quicker rate compared to the traditional juicers. It also has cleaning brushes that make it easy and quick to clean.
  • It is extremely durable and can offer many years of reliable service. In the case of tear and wear due to use, one doesn’t have to purchase a new juicer as a whole. You can easily get replaceable parts on the market. Above all that, the juicer comes with ten years of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • The juicer uses a powerful 200-watt motor to make the juices and drinks and has a 47-rpm slow juicing auger to enable the user to get maximum quality from their foods. It comes with a heavy duty juicing screen that is long lasting and also prevents wear and tear.
  • The juicer comes with a convenient hand grip that makes it very easy to use and portable in case you have to move around. With the safety switch that the juicer has, it makes the juicer operational only when it has been properly assembled.
  • The slow speed of 47 rpm enables the juicer to preserve the needed enzymes in the fruits when blending them. You will get high-quality juices and that are fresh and healthy. The juicer can easily make juices from different fruits and vegetables like oranges, apples, carrots and also leafy greens.
  • Another feature of the juicer is that it has three-stage speed reduction gears that prevent jamming while using the juicer. The juicer produces 30 ft lbs of torque and it can crush hard vegetables like carrots and other fibrous vegetables like celery.
  • It has a juice cap that prevents leaks as well as drips while one is switching the juice containers. Its juice cap is removable making it easy to clean. If you desire to pre-mix your juice, you can close the juice outlet.
  • For easier clean up, you can close the cap and add water to the auger housing so as to help pre-rinse the juicing screen. The juicer made of Ultem makes it stronger and durable as compared to other cheap plastic juicers. The Duoblade double-edged auger quickly cuts and also crushes the foods to produce more yields that contain less pulp in the juice.
  • This Tribest juicer is good for a person wishing to avoid foam, oxidation and nutrient loss when blending fruits. It also helps one to increase their yield of juices and drinks as well as reduce pulp. It is a juicer that one needs so as to preserve nutrients in their fruits and vegetables even after blending.

Some Cons of the Slowstar

This juicer does have a few things that could be better. Some of these include;

  • Price is one of the major drawbacks of this machine as it will run close to $300. While not the most expensive juice extractor, it will be a significant investment for most.
  • The bold styling may be a turn off for some as this juicer only comes in a shiny red color. If you are looking for stainless steel or white then you will have to look at a different juicer for something more traditional.
  • While the Slowstar can juice leafy vegetables, the juice yield is not quite as high as some other similar juicers. If you plan on juicing green leafy vegetables you might be better served with a different juicer.


Despite some of its minor hiccups, this Tribest juicer is a wonderful option for anyone looking for a machine that performs well with a variety of different fruits and vegetables that does not take up a lot of countertop space. It is currently one of the top rated models and it is a great departure from the styling of most juice extractors on the market. There is a ton of positives that this small appliance delivers for users and even with a higher price it will offer you a lot of value. If you are looking to take your diet to the next level, then the Slowstar juicer would be a great weapon to have in your kitchen arsenal.

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